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Math Landing consolidates web math activities

If you have used Math Forum or have read about Drexel activities on this site, you will find Math Landing, now being tested, an amazing site. Give it a try at:

Compete around the world with math

Great on-line game website mentioned on the Free Technology for Teachers site called Tutpup The math and spelling games load fast and students get to compete with students around the world. This site is perfect for mental math activitites.

Pay math students like rock stars

The Houston Chronicle had a great story about Kaggle competitions today. See the competitions at The article stated that the job market for mathematicians is huge since computing has become so inexpensive and fast. There is a need for skilled mathematicians to interpret computer data results and should be paid like rock stars. I think that schools should continue to offer unique math and science programs to help our students become competitive. Starting with UIL math competitions in elemetary, continuing with MathCounts in middle school, and adding math clubs in high school.

Perk up behavior in your classroom!

Today I discovered Class Dojo As we head into a time period of a little more creativity in the classroom, this site looks like a terrific way to point out positive behavior in the classroom. For myself, I wouldn’t use the negative comments. The site set up a practice class page so you can see how it work.

Fun with 6th grade math

Since we can’t post videos on Edublog anymore – might as well make it a stop for fun interactive games.

To review for rounding decimals (Scooter Quest):

To reteach for order of operations (Millionaire):

For reviewing factors, multiples, least commond denominators, and greatest common factors (Factors and Multiples):

To review solving equations (Soccer):

Math Wire Algebraic Activities

Last year we explored the activies at Math Wire and I have forgotten how much they have available. I guess this is an issue for experienced teachers, and I have to find a way to get my technology to keep my ideas organized. Next year, perhaps like other teacher websites, I just need one long link page with short summaries.

One of my fifth grade classes is having problems understanding that a variable stands for an unknown number. At Math Wire, one book suggestion is “Two of Everything” by Lily Toy Hong to help them get established with patterns. From there the site offers many good ideas on algebraic expressions There are a lot of intereactive sites included.

Math challenge with videos

Really, I can’t keep up with Free 4 Teachers this week. I just watched a video with rappers recording in a studio and explaining the importance of math. An algebraic math challenge follows the video. There are two other videos and challenges on this site. We will use the videos, but we will have to use the challenges for the higher grades.

Math minimum wage lesson

If you are visiting college campuses this spring with your students, I can’t think of a better lesson to teach students the value of a college education. Teacher Richard Byrne developed this lesson to show students the constraints of earning minimum wage. I think that this would make a great center while they research future professions at favorite universities.

New design site

Just found this fascinating site at and fell in love with it. It is for middle school students, but I suspect some of my students might enjoy it. I will check it out during the next break. My favorite way to teach is through long term projects.

Challenging math problem

Sometimes I think that we don’t challenge our students with interesting and difficult problems and projects. I also think we need to be careful on wrapping up projects in one class lesson. Giving additional days, allows students to think further about class activities, and allows them to approach each endeavor in fresh ways if they have become frustrated. Additional time also allows teacher to look over student work and make appropriate suggestions.

I have heard about “Locker Problems” but have never seen them on the internet. Perhaps because they are geared towards an older student, teachers think it will be too hard. I think that this project will be an excellent opportunity to challenge my students later in the year.

This project was developed by:
*NOTE: This lesson was developed by Suzanne Alejandre. At the time she was a middle school mathematics and computer teacher at Frisbie Middle School in Rialto, CA. She left the classroom in 2000 to join the Math Forum staff full time. A collection of her lessons/activities can be found on the Math Forum @ Drexel site.
Credit given to the Math Forum at Drexel University for making it available on their site: